Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Weekend pictures

As I mentioned before, I had busy weekend. The house was full of children and adults. I don't want to brag (OK I do :)) but I am a favourite aunt. It's interesting that I am also the strictest adult. I don't like spoiled children and I like order and discipline. But I also enjoy playing with children and don't mind getting all muddy :) They are always running after me like three ducklings. This picture was taken on Sunday while I was feeling ill and was reading in my swinging chair in my bedroom. My sister said that they were playing in the living room and next thing they got up and went to my room. They entered without a word, sat on my bed and each took a book/magazine and set reading. They were adorable! They knew I needed peace and quiet and didn't say a word. They just started reading - and do I have to say that only one of them knows how to read and she picked up Cosmo :) because it was the only thing in Croatian.On Saturday I had a cycling race in the afternoon and my nephew wanted to try on my helmet (before going for a walk to town) and I had to wear my niece's. So here is a picture of us (he's very ticklish, you mustn't touch him, he's all giggles immediately)