Saturday, 13 June 2009

Unplanned trip to the National Park

I had a great day. It didn't look like it in the morning. Day started like it was going to be really bad, but in the afternoon He asked me to go to the National Park that is 60km from the town where I live. Since it wasn't planned trip, we couldn't take a long tour through park. I've been there several times before, but my last visit was five years ago so I was very happy to go there. We arrived in the late afternoon and took an electric train to the most attractive part of the park. We usually walk the whole trail, but as I sad we had a late start. The only means of transportation in NP is by electric train and electric boat or, of course, on foot :)
Here's what you see when you get off the train
Then you have to go down this stairs and through the cave
This is me at the end of the cave And look at the view when you get out This is Him on the trail

The view of the waterfalls

The Great Waterfall And going home on an electric boat

We had a great weather, saw different kinds of fish, birds and ducks. It was a really great day. And I'm so exhausted, the fresh air just kicked me in the lungs and I swear they are bigger now. I have to go to sleep and rest my, now bigger, lungs. :)

Have a great day!