Sunday, 14 June 2009

A day at a beach

I went to the beach today. It's only 45 minutes drive away from my house. It was great. The sea was a little bit cold because we had a rainy week. We went in the afternoon and after a quick swim I fell asleep. I have very light and sensitive skin, and guess what happened? I got burned! While I was sleeping the shade slipped away and my left arm and leg are red! And when I say red I mean RED! I really don’t know how I’ll wear a T-shirt tomorrow :)
All in all, it was a fun weekend - which was totally unexpected.
Have a great week!


  1. Oh... I am sorry!! But I know what you mean; I went lay out just for a little while Saturday afternoon... and I got burnt legs (wore shorts) and a burnt back (had a bathing suit top). But I am sorry that you burned... mine will tan (hopefully)!
    But I am so glad that you had a wonderful day!!!
    OH and ps... go check this out!

  2. Thanks for the sympathy Cecile! Mine will disappear in a few days and my skin will be the same white. Hope yours will tan :)
    Also, thanks for the tip!

  3. Hey, that is what friends are for!!!
    My daughter is the same way... poor thing can not tan for nothing... she still stays white! When she was little, she use to get a tan... but now... she teases and says she will just stay as white as Casper the ghost!