Wednesday, 24 June 2009

New Moon & some happy news

I saw this at Cecile's blog and I just had to put it on mine :) Thanks Cecile!

It looks great, doesn't it?

Also, I have happy news. Although it's not about me it did made my day. Him (being my other half :)) has won the first place in a cycling race. This is very happy news because he had a tough season and this was a major breakthrough!
My weekend consisted of lot of rain, reading and nail biting while I was waiting for news from the tracks.
Oh, another happy announcement - my older sister is pregnant and she'll make me an aunt for the fourth time (it's her second son, and my other sister has two girls). I can't wait for this little boy!
Hope you all had a great weekend (I'm sorry to ask this on Wednesday, but it's been a crazy week so far :)).


  1. Awww Host!! Tell her congrats for me!!!! And.... to your better half.... CONGRATS!!!! He must be very proud of himself!!!

  2. Hey Host, how is your challenge coming along??
    I hope all is going well for you so far this week... I know you said it has been crazy for you!! Just wishing you a happy day!!!

  3. Thanks Cecile, for all the good wishes!
    The challenge would go much better if I didn't have all those guests running through my house :)
    Still don't know where to report my reviews, does anyone has any idea?

  4. Okay, I am glad that it is not just me either.. I did try to figure it out.. but still can't.
    Well... I will work on that this weekend and let you know!