Friday, 26 June 2009

Am I Moody?

Last evening I was driving in a car feeling like a sh** (pardon my French). Why? I don't know. It was a busy day. It was a national holiday and we had a big birthday celebration for my niece at my house. We had a barbecue and birthday cake. All in all 20 grownups and kids. Everything was fine, I was happy and we all got along. After all the cleanup I took a shower and went to some book signing (boring stuff, work - related). And that went fine, too. Afterwards I went for a drink with my boyfriend and then my mood snapped. I became cranky and went to bed angry. Nothing happened, one minute I was perfectly content and the next all hell broke loose :)

This happens to me on a regular basis (twice a month at least). It's not PMS related :), it just is.

Do you have these mood swings? Please say you do or I'll think I'm getting into premature menopauses :) Wait a minute; I do have hot flashes...


  1. When I was younger, I suffered through regular mood swings Host. It was very bothersome at the best of times.

    However, I find it has lessened now so take heart. ;)

    I hope you are feeling better today and have a great weekend...


  2. How young would that be? :) I'm not exactly a teenager anymore! I had such a laugh reading your comment :)
    Oh, I'm OK now. Easy come easy go...

  3. Hey Host!! I will really make you laugh... I am 33 and hubby constantly says that I am always Moody!! He'll even say "Did you take your happy pill today?" Refering to chocolate of course!!! But it comes and goes. I never thought of asking anyone if that was normal, I just kinda go with it. Sometimes it is around the PMS stage, but other times it is not. And I can totally relate to you on the happening in the middle of absolute nothing. I can be doing the dishes and humming... then I will turn around and %^&%*BAM BATMAN%$#% I will be a witch~! All i can say is that is the way we women work! Hell, sometimes I will milk it and say that I need to go book shopping to help my mood!!! LOL!!
    I hope you have a great weekend... if you need a stree relief friend... girl hit me up an email and we can chat!!!lol!!! Thats what friends are for!!

  4. Oh yes, lsat week I had two days were I was really bitchy, not towards anyone but if anyone said anything about someone I just had no love left. I also wanted to listen to hard metal that pounded in my ears
    The next day I had the dirty mind of a teenager and craved candy lol. And wanted to listen to cheery teen pop

  5. Thanks Blodeuedd! These shared stories make me feel much better about my own mood swings :)