Thursday, 4 June 2009

I won, I won!!!

Lucky me! I won (at I Don't Want to Wait I Want the Book Now) what appears to be an ARC since the book is out on June 9

Thank you Greta for a great contest.

Also thanks Bree and Donna (that together make Moira Rogers) for giving this great prize!

This is a sequel to Cry Sanctuary that I have read a week ago. Both are e-books for now, but they will be combined into one 'real' book and published soon. I'll post the rewiews of both novellas together after I read this one.

Once again, THANKS GRETA!!!


  1. You GO Girl!!!! Yay for you!!!! Don't you love wining books!!! Congrats and happy reading to you my friend!!!

  2. Thanks!
    Oh, I love winning books. They are my favourite presents! I wish I only had more time to read - I'm so behind with my TBR pile :(

  3. Congratulations Host!

    That is awesome...