Sunday, 20 December 2009


It's the last Advent Sunday and that means we have the winners!!! Thank you ladies for participating in my Winter contest! I hope you had fun :) I know I did. I loved reading all your stories...
And thank you Michelle and Kimber for participanting and donating your books!!!
Here are the winners chosen by
Glitter Photos

11/29 Cecile - you won Michelle's book Cleopatra's Daughter
12/5 Justpeachy - you won Kimber's Selling Forever
12/6 April - you won Kimber's Selling Forever
12/12 Cherry - you won one of the 2 books offered by me

Please contact me (franalokas (at) yahoo (dot) com) with your snail mail addresses Cecile and Cherry, and with your e-mail April and Justpeachy. I'll send your contact information to Michelle and Kimber.
Cherry please choose your reward from my previous post.
You all have 48 hours and if you don't send your information I will have to chose another winner.

I hope you are having a peaceful weekend. Thanks for participating!!!


  1. Oh yayayayayayayayay!!!!! Congrats to all the winners of this fantastic contest that this awesome chick had!!!!! Host, you rock this contest out!!! You are the best dear honey!!!
    I wish you and your family a very blessed, family filled, love filled Merry Christmas!!!!!

    Thanks Elaing for the congrats!

  2. Soooo excited. Thanx so much. I sent you my snail mail...

  3. Congrats winners :D
    Merry Xmas!

  4. Congratulations ladies~ You enjoy.

    Host, thank you for hosting such a wonderful contest.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. Hey Book Junkie and Lea! Thanks for stopping by!!!
    Enjoy your holidays!

  6. I'm here!! I'm here!!! Yikes!!!! OMG!! Okey... trying to figure out what to do next... [christ! I'm slow, aren't I?!]

  7. Congratulations Cherry!

    Your book is on the way to you!