Friday, 4 December 2009

Selling Forever by Kimber Chin

I got this lovely e-book directly from generous author Ms Kimber Chin. She gave me all her other books for free, too. She is this way, very generous and friendly person. Selling Forever was written for author's Mom., and as Ms Chin says: "She is a happy, sweet person so I wrote a happy, sweet story for her".

Selling Forever is a short story about two very different yet very similar persons. It's a story about the love at first sight but at the same time about loving someone before you even met him/her. From this you can see that although a short story, Selling Forever isn't a simple one. It has great depth and meaning. It tells about all the obstacle person in love has to overcome to be with the loved one. Two main characters are well developed and you can understand their point of view. This has to be a short review since it's about short story, but I really recommend reading it.

About the story form Ms Chin's website:
Can Cara close the deal on love? The Best Sales Plans… Real estate agent Cara Jones needs a celebrity handyman for her charity auction. Reclusive billionaire Richard Thompson is the perfect choice. All she has to do is find his trigger and trip it, without becoming emotionally attached. …Sometimes Go Awry Richard wishes to be valued for himself, not simply for his money. He certainly isn’t going to fall in love with a pushy, pie baking saleswoman, no matter how sweet she tastes.

To find out about more about Ms Chin's other books, please visit her website:

As I said before, Ms Chin being very generous person, offered to be around my blog for two days, and she's giving prizes too!!

So, stop by tomorrow for the first part of Ms Chin's story about her Christmas customs. She'll hang around the blog for two days (Saturday and Sunday) and you can ask her questions that she will be glad to answer.

Hope to see you tomorrow! And don't forget that you can still enter the contest with Ms Moran and win a signed copy of Cleopatra's Daughter!!!


  1. Miss Chin truly is sweet :)
    And this was such a sweet book, and it reminds me..must go make those cupcakes now

  2. That sounds great. I love the cover, too. Plus, if you recommended it, that gives it greater weight. I'll definitely check into it.

  3. Oh, two of my favorite women in one spot!!! Honey you know I will be by!!! Had it not been for you, I would not have found Ms. Chin!!!! can not wait!!! Love ya! ((((hugs to you))))

  4. Bloduedd ~thanks for stopping by, Ms Chin is really something special... Hope those cupcakes turn out good :)

    April ~ you have to read this book, you will love it!

    Cecile~ THANK YOU! You are so sweet!!!

  5. Awww... you guys are making me blush.
    3 of my fave fellow romance readers (and hopefully April and I will fast become romance reading buddies also - April, drop me an email and I'll send you a prezzie) in the comments of one post!
    That's magic!

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Kimber!