Saturday, 5 December 2009

Second Week of Winter Contest - guest Kimber Chin with presents

Tomorrow is the second Advent Sunday which means the second week of Winter contest. Since today my guest is generous author Ms Kimber Chin, we are having two day Winter contest. And you could win a book on both of the days.

But let's first say huge WELCOME to Kimber! I'm so happy you are here this weekend. And thank you for sharing your Christmas customs with us.

Today, Kimber will talk about her hubby's Christmas holiday. This is a very interesting story, because he's from Guyana!!!

Here goes Kimber's story:

Ice Apples And A Guyanese Christmas

The hubby and I spend Christmas apart. We have our own private celebration before I fly to my mom's. Then I celebrate with my mom and siblings. The hubby celebrates with his parents and siblings.

Our Christmas celebrations are very different because I was born in cold Canada and my wonderful hubby was born in warm Guyana. Guyana is the third smallest country on mainland South America. Although it hugs Brazil and Venezuela, Guyana has its own distinct culture and customs.

Much of the Christmas celebrations are the same. They decorate Christmas trees, although they are tropical pines, not the northern kind. They give presents including toys for the children. One greatly anticipated present at Christmas is what the Guyanese call 'Ice Apples.' To you and me, these are normal, everyday apples but for the Guyanese, because these northern fruits have to be imported from England, they are a special and costly treat. My mom-in-law says each person got a single ice apple and these were presented, wrapped in tissue paper.

There are also special foods, often made only at Christmas because they take a long, long time to prepare (think fruit cake long). My hubby's favorite is Garlic Pork. Garlic Pork is a Portuguese gourmet dish and consists mainly of, you guessed it, garlic and pork. I can smell garlic on the hubby's breath a week after he eats it. My favorite is pepperpot. This yummy stewlike mix originates from Guyana’s indigenous peoples, the Amerindians. Black cake is a gift from the English, a Christmas pudding with more caramel, wine, and substituting English fruits with those found in Guyana. To wash it all down, we drink ginger beer or sorrel. Sorrel has a citrus, spicy taste (a unique combination).

The best thing about a Guyanese Christmas, however, is spending time with family and friends. Some things are universal.

Every story Kimber Chin writes is dedicated to her wonderful hubby. Without him, she wouldn't have had first hand experience with romantic love. Kimber Chin is sharing a Christmas romance on .

Thank you Kimber.

Tomorrow is St. Nicholas' Day. Kimber told me that she doesn't celebrate this day. Do you? Well, in Croatia this is a big holiday (although it's a working day). We put our boots in front of the window or balcony door and during the night St. Nicholas comes and leaves you a present if you were good during the year. If you were bad you get a silver twig from his helper Crampus and the gold one if you were extra bad. I got my share of twigs during my childhood :) St Nicholas was a real person and Christian saint known for his charity work. European emigrants brought the story about him in the USA and that's how Santa Clause came to be. In my mother's childhood little Jesus brought presents on Christmas, only later did Santa Clause became popular and began bringing presents on Christmas. So put your clean and shine boots in the window, maybe you'll find something in the morning :) I will be putting mine...

So back to our guest - today Kimber is giving away one copy of her extraordinary e-book Selling Forever!!! You can read my review in yesterdays post. And she will hang around my blog today so fire any question you got, she will answer it. And don't forget to come back tomorrow when we will have another very interesting story (this I promise:)) and another giveaway with Kimber!
The rules:
1. Tell us what is your favourite winter holidays song and do you celebrate St Nicholas' Day
2. For an extra entry become a follower of my blog
3. For one more extra entry post Winter contest widget on your blog and blog about the contest
4. Please, if you do things for extra entries state that in the comments
5. Ask Kimber a question - 2 extra entries
6. Contest ends 12/12/2009
7. Winners will be randomly chosen on the last Advent Sunday 12/20/2009
8. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me. If he/she doesn't show up I'll draw another name and the same procedure applies to that winner


  1. No need to enter me, I have read all of Kimbers books :D
    Hi Kimber :)

    Nope we do not celebrate St Nicholas, have no idea who he is. He never made it this far up north.

    Winter song, well something with snow, I do not remember any names really

  2. Thank you for letting me hang out here today, host!

    (Waving at Blodeuedd! - if you win, I'll sub in another romance eBook I've read and loved)

    We do a family carol sing on Christmas Eve (that makes the dogs howl 'cause we're all off tune) so I have quite a few fave songs. I love Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, the Broadway version (big, big finish). I know I'm on the naughty list.

  3. Um, I haven't read any of Kimber's books... yet. :) I'll include your giveaway in next week's book post.

    My favorite holiday song. Hmm. My holiday favorites tend to be dark. :)

    "Bethlehem" by Charlie Parr (so, so sad)
    "Father Christmas" by Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    "Cold White Christmas" by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
    "Pachabel's Tantrum" by the Therapy Sisters
    "All I Want for Christmas Is What I Can't Take Back" by Love Axe

  4. Hi Blodeuedd! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hi Kimber! You are welcome!!! Thank you for being here!

  6. Hi Chris! You'd love Kimber's books - they are great! I love Father Christmas too :)

  7. i really do not have a favorite as i just enjoy hearing them all and no i do not celebrate thanks minsthins at optonline dot net

  8. Hi Mindy! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I don't know if it's my favorite Christmas song, but I love hearing O Holy Night in the quietness of Christmas Eve. Otherwise, it depends on my mood.

    I have a question for Kimber. Would you, or have you, ever written a holiday-themed book?

    I love coming here because there always seems to be new-to-me authors. I've gotten into a comfortable author rut which is nice, but it's nice to discover new authors as well which I haven't really tried to do in the last couple of years.

  10. Hi April! Thanks for stopping by! And you are right, O Holy Night is one of the best Christmas songs, she always makes me feel blessed :)

  11. I am late, but I wanted to come poke my nose in here and see what went on!!
    Oh Kimber, I learn something new about you everytime I read a post of yours!!! That is an awesome celebration you and hubby have. DO you ever share the holiday with each other... and the respective parents?

    Hey Host!!!! I hope you had a great weekend!

  12. Thanks Cecile for poking your nose!

  13. No, I do not celebrate St. Nicholas Day. I do celebrate Hannukah! Please enter me.

  14. Welcome Dsandyboy! I'm glad you stopped by! Could you tell us mote about Hannukah traditions?


    My favorite holiday song is, "O Holy Night." I think it is a beautiful song. Can't carry a tune in a bucket but I love to listen.

    I am a follower.

  16. Silent night is my favourite.

  17. Hey Justpeachy! O Holy Night is real beautiful song.

    Welcome Frank Sandy! Stop by more often!

  18. April,

    Funny that you asked but my publisher is offering my 2009 Christmas story, Bumped, for free until January 15th! Yes! I love it when I can give away freebies!

    It is a short, feel good read.

  19. Hey Kimber - thanks for visiting!