Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Last Week of Winter Contest

Hi to you all!
It's the third Advent Sunday and the last week of Winter contest. Today I wanted to talk about my winter holidays. I did write a little bit about St Nicholas Day in my previous posts and today is St Lucia's Day. Today we plant wheat in a flower pot as a simbol of fertility and a good new year. We put it on the table during a Christmas lunch.

Two weeks before Christmas /right about now/ we start cleaning the house. It has to be spotless, like the divine control will stop by and check if it is enough clean. Like if we don't do it we won't be allowed to celebrate Christmas :)

The day before Christmas is lent and for lunch we have codfish. It's a tradition that my father and I prepaire it. Also, as mentioned before, we decorate the tree on a Christmas Eve before going to a Midnight Mass. We decorate a real tree, which is another source of stress because it's never tall enough or thick enough. After the Mass we open the gifts and eat all delicious stuff we prepaired during the week before Christmas. Another tradition is to sleep late on Christmas :) eat lunch and have a family come over and we exchange gifts.
We take down all the decorations on January the 20th. That day is a day of our town saint protectors.

To start with my own celebrations, I'm giving this week's commenter a choice of books (state in your comment which one you prefer) with Christmas story within. I haven't read any of those two but they were recommended to me. I hope you'll like them:

Choice number 1

Choice number 2

All you have to do is comment to be elligible and to be from one of the countries to which The Book Depository delivers :) The contest is open until Saturday 12/19/2009 and the winners from all three weeks will be randomly chosen and announced on 12/20/2009 - the forth Advent Sunday.


  1. Please count me in! Re-posted your contest at:

    mischivusfairy-inbox12 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  2. Hey Host:

    I hope your contest has gone well. Sorry I wasn't by last week, but we were all ill here. Anyway, I'd love to enter for the Blaze book and I think you have held an awesome Holiday contest here.

    Hard to believe that Christmas is nearly here.

    All best

  3. which to choose.Both have hot covers.But I'm gonna have to pick #2


    Please enter me in the giveaway. I like selection number 1

  5. What lovely traditions!!

    I choose book 2 :)

  6. I started cleaning last night, but it'll only be just clean enough for my parents tonight. I'll clean the rest for next week. We're hosting Christmas Eve dinner. We finally finished decorating the tree yesterday (we had some light issues). The husband's family is Catholic, but they don't always obey the no meat on Christmas Eve rule. They have in the past, but they have changed to have a tradition of Polish food instead. So, we'll do the Polish food we cooked.

    I love traditions. I think it just makes everything more special. Plus, we're at the point where, after marriage, our new traditions aren't new anymore which is nice.

    I agree with the comments. The covers are quite nice above. I haven't read either, but I do enjoy Jill Shalvis. I'm still a Christmas book behind with her (unless it's the same one... probably should dig that out before the holidays).

  7. Cherry ~ thanks for promoting my contest!

    Lea ~ I do understand and thanks for the compliments!

    Elaing ~ you are entered!

    Justpeachy ~ I'm glad you could stop by :)

    Mandy ~ Thanks!

    April ~ Thanks for sharing your story!!! And I agree, the covers are really good.

  8. Hey Host! I seem to be late everywhere!!!
    But you know I would not miss your post for the world! But I seem to be a little late!!!
    Choice #2 for me, please... if I win....
    I hope you have a great day!

  9. Please enter me in this giveaway.

  10. Count me in.