Monday, 13 July 2009


"I'd always wondered why people who'd throw away an appliance that had ceased to function would hang on to a marriage that no longer worked. Next to my husband, the only man I'd ever loved, ever made love with, ever slept beside, I thought I knew. Hope." - Sadie from Broken by Megan Hart

"In relationship, the power lies in the hands of one who cares less" - can't remember where I heard or read this one, sorry.

So what do you think about those two quotes?
For me they struck the nerve. I can't stop thinking about them and my own relationships. I think they are so true. Are we stubborn when we stay in relationships that no longer work? Is the power balance always misbalanced actually? In Croatia we have a saying that Hope dies the last, is this true? Do we hang on hope longer then is healthy for us?

Please tell me your opinions and experience. We are all here (mostly) romance readers but I'm not talking only about relationship between man and woman but between parent and child, friends, etc.


  1. Wow Host... interesting thoughts there!

    I agree with Sadie of Broken by Megan Hart. Why do we throw away things that no longer work or do the job they perform... when we hang on to a relationship that is not healthy for us. I had a friend like that once. She was the complete opposite of me. But I remained her friend, because I felt that I had. She was a girl friend that I had, and would be one less friend (which I do not have many of). Then slowly her "soul" started to show for who she truly was and I didn't like the person I saw. She was rude to people behind my back and things like that... but you tend to overlook things when they are your friends... Then I got an email about A friend for a - reason, season or lifetime. And it hit me that she was a friend for a reason. She was meant to be in my life for a reason a time when I needed someone and her job was done... it was time for her to move on. And so was our friendship.
    I think we tend to hang on to things longer than we should, and if we just put things where they belong "In Gods Hands We Trust" things would get done!!!
    I hope you have a great Tuesday!!!

  2. Hi Cecile!
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience :)