Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Just a quick report

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while, but I've been busy at work and so drained that I just didn't feel like I could write anything interesting and positive at all. I am feeling better now so here’s my attempt to write something worthwhile (don't judge my toady’s attempt to harsh :), please).
First - thanks Cecile for this GREAT reward!!! I am honoured you chosed me and declared me to be your friend-to-keep :)

I've been busy this weekend. I went to two cycling races with my boyfriend. It was raining heavily on Saturday and I got all wet. On Sunday the sun was so strong, that even though I put a sun protection cream with factor 50, I got lovely cube shaped burn mark on my cleavage :) I can't even describe how lovely I look in shirts with V-shaped cleavage :( All in all I had a good time. Cyclists are funny people, always ready to laugh even on their own expense. Although I had an assignment to be a photographer, I can't show you any pictures because I didn't have time to download them before the club took them to post them on the their website. They haven't done that either (those men, uh) so even I haven't seen what they look like.
My week has started in a hectic manner so I don't have time for anything. And it has been so hot these couple of weeks that I don't have will power to go anywhere :)
Hope everything's fine with you?


  1. You are a keeper my dear sweet friend!!! I am emailing you right now!!
    I hope today goes better for you!!

  2. Hi Cecile! Today is a little better :) Thanks