Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Cooking contest over the weekend

Looks like I often have to apologize for not being around my blog these days.
I had a hectic weekend and one hell of a week beginning.
Over the weekend cooking contest was organised in my town. It’s for tourist promotion purposes and was held in the city park. 18 teams were cooking traditional stew in a kettle over the fire. My team was actually my cycling club team (a few members).
This is our kettle

And these are mine and colleagues hands preparing tomato for the stew (mine are on the right - can you see my 100$ worth French manicure?)

And this is the cooking team (I'm the blond - fifth from the left)

This is me (on the left) through smoke - it was a windy day and smoke was everywhere :)

We didn't win anything but we did have a great time.

On Monday I had an appointment with a dermatologist. I have a few hundred birth marks all over my body and very fair skin so I've decided to go and get them checked. I did it at right time because the doctor said one was in pre-melanoma phase and has to be removed as soon as possible. All in all I have to remove two of them and I'll go through minor operation in September. It's nothing to be worried about but I won't know for sure if they are benign until after the operation.

Yesterday I went on a business trip and today was the first opportunity I had to write something here.
On a more cheerful note - Cecile from All I want and more has a great interview with author Kimber Chin and great GIVEAWAY - HURRY!!!

This was all from me, for now. Hope you had a great weekend.

And check this out


  1. Oh Host you are something else!!! You always make me smile and laugh!!!
    I love the cookout pictures of your team!!!
    And I am lovin the manicure fingers chopping up tomatoes!!! =)
    I am in the process of getting together a goodie bag for you!!!! We received everything you sent and I will have a letter coming to you!!!!!!!!
    You have become a very special friend of mine!! And I treasure my friendship with you!!!
    This post was funny!!! We have a neighborhood cook-off once a year and a hog roast once a year too!
    But that is for the letter... I can't wait to put everything together for you...Brooke is even excited!!!
    Anyway.... if you need me, you know I am an email away... if you need to vent!!!

  2. Thanks Cecile! And, please, don't feel obligated to send me anything!!! It was my way of saying thank you for borrowing me your book :)