Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Funny :)

It's like that in my corner of the world. It' been very hot and humidity is high. But it's summer, so I love it :)
How's the weather like in your part of the world?


  1. OMG - too funny. I'm kind of ashamed to say that the popped ear of corn has the same attitude that I do on hot days. :) I'm horrible and on top of dealing with the mildly hot weather that we've been getting (we've had it pretty easy over here) I've been getting HOT FLASHES! Last time I remember feeling like this was during my four pregnancies, where I was halfway through in the Summer. It's rough - on me and my family :)

  2. Thank you ladies for stopping by! I'm so hot right know that if I were I corn I would turn into popcorn at this moment :)

  3. LOL Host:

    Yes steamy hot and humid here too, I HATE it. Just waiting for summer to be over.

    Great funny!

  4. Thanks, Lea! I'm actually hoping it wouldn't change because in a week I'm going to the seaside for my vacation :)

  5. OMG..... This is flipping hilarious!!!! I love it Host!!!! You are too funny!!!
    I hope all is well honey!! Hugs to you!