Thursday, 1 July 2010


I saw an interview with Liz Fichera, a new author for me, at Leah Braemel's website. It was a very interesting interview and the I really like the premises of Ms Fichera's book CAPTIVE SPIRIT. I tought that maybe others would be interested in this book, so I'm posting a trailer for the book as well as a little bit about it. For more info, please visit author's website:



Sonoran Desert. Dawn of the sixteenth century.
Aiyana isn’t like the other girls of the White Ant Clan. Instead of keeping house, she longs to compete on the Ball Court with her best friend Honovi and the other boys. Instead of marriage, she daydreams of traveling beyond the mountains that surround her small village. Only Honovi knows and shares her forbidden wish, though Aiyana doesn’t realize her friend has a secret wish of his own…
When Aiyana’s father arranges her marriage to a man she hardly knows, she takes the advice of a tribal elder: Run! In fleeing, she falls into the hands of Spanish raiders and finds herself being taken over the mountains against her will. Now Aiyana’s on a quest to return to the very place she once dreamed of escaping. And she’ll do whatever it takes to survive and find her way back to the people she loves.

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