Monday, 5 October 2009

Are you a believer?

Well, this isn't exactly what I wanted to ask, but rather: what makes you a good person?
Do you think that faith makes you a better person? Do you think that person should hold and live their faith?
Why do I ask this, you may wonder? Well, I was unpleasantly surprised this evening when I got a response to my request from the person who declares herself as a Christian and preaches about Christian values on-line and in real-life. I am a Catholic but that's beside the point, 'cause I think being polite and nice to other people is a basic thing you learn while growing up. I understand people are busy, and that's why I personally like when people remind me that I've forgotten to do something I promised before. We are all people with our flaws but I don't think that's an excuse for rudeness. I was disappointed in this person and her response, and I'm not angry just sad.
So tell me, do you think that people should respect other people and does this have anything to do with religion? Is this a matter of decent upbringing or just tells about what kind of a person you really are? Does this make you a hypocrite when you preach one thing but in real life do something entirely different (even if the reason is that you’ve just been too busy) – is that an excuse?

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Uh, thanks for listening, I already feel better just sharing this :)


  1. Hey Host. I am sorry that you are sad. You are posing a very thought provoking question. I am one to believe that religion has some things to do with peoples behavior, but not all. I believe in God and I will tell anyone that. I will never throw my "religion" in anyone's face, but if you ask me I will tell you. I am a Christian as well. I was born Catholic though. But as far as people actions... that is just human nature. I know we can not always be in a good mood all the time, but being mean or ugly is just plain rude. But I like to believe that everyone is a good person... And yea, life does get in the way sometimes, but that is no reason to be ugly to a person... Especially if what you preach is not your actions.
    I am sorry this person upset you in this way.
    I hope you feel better and get better results

  2. Thanks Cecile! I really shouldn't let these things bother me so much, but I was always very sensitive to injustice and wanted to please other people. That's my curse - I always want to be good with and to people and then expect for them to act the same. But world isn't like that...uh...