Thursday, 24 September 2009

My 'lovely' cats

When I moved from flat to the house I had a dog for 14 years. We moved in during the winter and later that year he died of old age. I was so sad that I decided to get a cat since getting a new dog was unthinkable at that time (I was just too sad). I got a midnight black male cat and called him Hector. I was happy that I had only one cat and since he was a male I figured that the number of cats wouldn't change. Oh boy was I wrong. Next summer he brought home his pregnant mistress. I was angry but also soft hearted and couldn't refuse food to the woman in need. That's how I got three more cats - a mother, a daughter and a son. Those two were miniature replicas of their parents. Boy - named Blacky had black fur and a girl - named Grey was well, grey with tiger marks on it. After a few months the mother past away from, what was established later, an old age.
So, I present you my cat family:



As you can see, the boys are better models then girls - she just couldn't stop grooming herself :)


  1. Oh Host.... I am in love!! I love cats, hubby hates them. So we have two dogs! I am sorry that you dog passed away though. They are truly members of the family! I love them because they can not talk back to me like Brooke or hubby!! LOL!! And cats are so much more affectionate than dogs... And I love the female! But boy do those "men" look handsome!
    Check your email honey! =) Hope you are having a great day!

  2. Hi Cecile! Thanks for the compliments (even if they are directed to my Cats lol) you should see Hector's chubby cheeks - he's the one animal I can't refuse anything :)

  3. Awww. What a handsome family!