Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Just a quick one

Hi all! If there's anyone reading anymore. I've been bad, bad. Well actually not as bad as unlucky :)
My Internet connection crashed on August the 1st and I couldn't let you know that I'll be away for two maybe even three weeks. I went on a vacation to an isolated place without any kind of Internet connection. I'm back in the modern world for a few days and then for the rest of my vacation I'll be out of the www.
I'm so sorry I'm not able to post and visit all your wonderful blogs :(
I'm leaving now with one picture from the place I'm currently staying at.


  1. Enjoy your vacation honey!!! We all need one!! You are just lucky to be where you are!!! The picture is gorgeous!!! Wishing I was there too!!!

  2. Hi Cecile and thanks!!
    I wish you were here, too (although in reality place isn't so gorgeous :))

  3. Hey Host!!! I hope you had a great vacation and I can not wait to hear allll about it!!
    I have an award for you at my place!http://alliwantandmore.blogspot.com/2009/08/bingo-award.html
    I hope you enjoy it!