Monday, 24 August 2009

I'm back

I finally arrived home last night. I had a great three-week vacation. First week I spent with my sister. The weather was so-so and we couldn't spend our days at the beach as we planned. Instead we went shopping, sightseeing and to the cinema. I saw a new Harry Potter movie - I loved it.
The second week I went to this beautiful Croatian island with my boyfriend. We had a great time. We were swimming all day long and went to the rock-concerts around the island in the evenings.
The last week I spent in this tiny village on the seaside with my mother, sister and nephew. We had a great time.
My pregnant sister, me and my nephew who doesn't have time to sit still while we take his picture :)

All this left me with only 2 books (out of 7 planned) read. They were pretty good and I'll do a review these days.
It's good to be back. I missed all of you fellow bloggers and your fabulous blogs!!!
I have to get serious now. I have applications for my MBA to write, an international fair to visit (for five days), a evening dress to buy (for my cousin's wedding) and minor operation to endure plus a concert to go to - The Cult big tour. All this happens in September and just writing this makes me nervous - lol.
I'll post some more pictures later when I have time to download them.
So, please, tell me how was your summer (doesn't this question remind you of those first days of school when you had to write a paper on this subject :)?)?
Have a great week.


  1. OH Host!!! I am so glad that you are back!!!!! And that you had a wonderful time!! I have missed you my friend!
    I can not wait to see more pictures of your vacation... three weeks... so jealous! =)
    You have a lot going on in September girl... don't stress about it. It does no good... Just enjoy the things to come! I have so missed you! Oh, let me know if you got the packages I sent to you!! I can't wait to hear from you!

  2. Hi Host!

    Welcome back, sounds like you enjoyed a wonderful vacation, but have a busy time ahead.

    Thank you for sharing the picture.

    I hope you have a wonderful week too...


  3. Thanks Cecile, you are a great friend :)

  4. Hi Lea!!!
    Thanks for your kind words :)