Monday, 2 March 2009


Do you believe in angels? Do you believe that there is the one called the guardian angel that takes care of us and watches us through our lives? I do (as you can se form the title of my blog) and I've been always curious about them. I often think about my guardian angel and wonder what is he doing right now or is he bored looking at me while I work. Maybe this is a childish way of thinking and imagining things, but I really think that there is someone watching over us. I often had a moment when I felt someone whispering to me what to do. Through years I learned to listen that voice but now and then I ignore it and than something bad or not so good happens. Some people call it a premonition but I think there is some greater force at work here :)

All of the things said before were the reason why I bought this book called "An Angel for Emily" by
Jude Deveraux.
It's a very nice story about this girl Emily who is local librarian in a very small town and one night while driving to a hotel, and feeling very angry about her boyfriend, she has car accidence. I turns out that she has run over her guardian angel - Michael.
What happens next you will have to find out for yourself.
I just want to give a little advice - if you think that the story is too slow, please keep reading because (and this I promise) second half of the book is really great.

Have a nice reading and day full of white light!

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