Friday, 13 February 2009

A warning!

I've read this on R. Mead's blog:
I see there's a new meme bouncing around called 'Names' that asks you to string together funny names using pieces of information about you: your parents' middle names, your grandparents' names, pets' names, street you grew up on, etc. Just an FYI - those are the most common pieces of information used on websites to recover your password and verify account security. You've probably set those questions and answers up before when you create an email account, bank account, whatever, just in case you forget your password. Check around. Some of the most used security questions out there on the web are: "What's your father's middle name? What was your mother's father's name? What was the name of your first pet? What street did you grow up on?" This meme puts all that information right up on Facebook (or anywhere else on the web).So, just be careful about posting personal stuff, even if it seems harmless. You could unknowingly be giving someone access to an email or website account.

So, be extra careful please!

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