Monday, 9 February 2009

Shopping report

Ah, I'm feeling sick today. It's a flue that won't go away for 2 weeks now. It’s so exhausting. Anyway I'm so happy about my shopping trip. I bought a beautiful white wooden lamp for my bedroom - so I can read late into the night without damaging my eyesight. I've done that already, so now I have to wear glasses but I hope to stop deterioration of my eyesight. Also I bought a lovely dresser. I've been looking for both of these two items for nearly 1,5 year and lost all hope to ever find something that suites me and at the same time it's not too expensive. And this Saturday I finally made it. I'll post pictures of both as soon as I charge batteries for my camera. Also, I bought two pairs of shoes on the sales. I can't believe how extravagant I've been. But, these two pairs were just what I've been looking for (or so I say to myself).
Resume: it's been a very successful shopping trip!
On Sunday I finished reading Glitter Baby by S.E.P. and loved it. Also my haircut looks good so all in all it's been a very good weekend (except the flu - but girl can't have everything or she can?)


My beautiful new white lamp (my camera isn't working, so I had to use my phone but as you can see it's not so good)

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