Thursday, 17 February 2011

Some beautiful music for gloomy Thursdays...

How about some beautiful music from Croatia? I give you "traditional boy bends" from Croatia called KLAPA! Here a little bit about KLAPA from Wiki: "The klapa music is a form of traditional Croatian a cappella singing . The word klapa translates as "a group of people" and traces its roots to littoral church singing. The motifs in general celebrate love, wine (grapes), country (homeland) and sea. Main elements of the music are harmony and melody, with rhythm very rarely being very important. A klapa group consists of a first tenor, a second tenor, a baritone, and a bass. It is possible to double all the voices apart from the first tenor. Although klapa is a cappella music, on occasion it is possible to add a gentle guitar and a mandolin (instrument similar in appearance and sound to tamburitzas).
Klapa tradition is still very much alive, with new songs composed and festivals are held . Many young people from Dalmatia treasure klapa and sing it regularly when going out eating or drinking. It is not unusual to hear amateur klapa singing on the streets in the evenings over some food and wine.
It is usually composed of up to a dozen male singers singing very harmonic tunes. In recent times, female vocal groups have been quite popular, but in general male and female groups do not mix."

Although I live in the hilly part of Croatia, my father was born and raised in Dalmatia which is the southern part of Croatia by the Adriatic Sea. We always listened klapas' singing. I remember original klapas singing in my childhood, my grandpa being one of the singers. Today, my grandpa isn't with us any longer but my brother in law was klapa singer.
Klapa is supposed to perform without any music, but modern day’s klapas include music in their performance. I am giving you both to enjoy!

First one is modern love song performed by klapa Iskon.

And more traditional way of singing; it is also a love song. I am so sorry you don't understand the beautiful lyrics.

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of Croatian tradition :)
Have a great day.

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