Monday, 24 January 2011


It is really cold in my part of the world. It's been snowing for couple of days and now it has stopped and everything is frozen. Luckily I am at home studying for my exams so I don't have to walk to work in this cold. I haven’t read any book since December, I just didn’t have time. It looks like I won’t be doing any reading until March, can you believe it? I have so many exams and a lot of work to do at my job, that I just don’t have the time or the energy to read, Sad...
So, how is the weather in your corner? Do you have any tips for a good book to read?

I hope you are warm wherever you are.


  1. We have it lovely! +2 c today, +2!! I know right, amazing :D But they promise -17c for Wed, so fun while it lasted

  2. Yes it's nice to have warmer teperatures :). We had -17C (1,4F) in the morning with a promise of snow this evening :)