Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Gladiator - review and the last chance for entering the contest

So I had a few rough weeks at work and at college. I was at the international fair (in another country) for five days and when I came back I had two exams to take. I passed one and I don't know the results for the second one - I wrote it yesterday.  I had really good time during the fair. We had business dinners with interesting people, I met few younger colleagues with whom I had a great time, and we even had a field trip by train! We rode in an open wagon (very slowly of course :)) and saw magnificent nature all around us. We had great lunch in the country and all in all had great time. Here are a few pictures.

This was our wagon - we even had live music :)

The old town we saw from a distance

We passed through some tunnels (they were dark:))

We saw some magnificent waterfalls

Ate by the water

And took a few pictures. I forgot to mention I had no hat and since the train moves at about 8 mph it was a windy ride so I put my shawl around my head to protect my ears :) 

But, this was the first time I had a chance to look at my blog. And I have one more review to write and then the contest is closed. So lets get to work.
The book is The Gladiator by Carla Capshaw (btw, this book is the prise in my contest). Here's a little bit about it from Ms Capshaw's website.

Set in ancient Rome, Caros Viriathos is an ex-gladiator who has everything except inner peace. When he buys Christian slave girl, Pelonia, on a whim, he never expects her or her faith to turn his life upside down and win his heart.

I heard about this book a few months ago and it had good reviews so I decided to buy it. I don't normally read too many books with religious thematic but in August I read the two of them - The Gladiator and Madman (you can find my review of Madman here) and I enjoyed both of them.
The Gladiator tells a story about early days of Christianity when it was forbidden to believe in Christ. I love the main character - the ex-gladiator Caros Viriathos. He was a real alpha hero. He wasn't all charm and beauty but a real man with real problems. He bought Pelonia who is in fact a noblewoman that was sold by her uncle into slavery. Caros threats her well and they become friends. Soon he finds out that she's no common woman and that she's a Christian - a fact that could cost them their lives if discovered. Caros is also very troubled by his past. He was a gladiator from very young age and he had to kill many Christians in arena to survive (hose days Christians were used as pawns in Gladiator games). He's afraid that Pelonia will hate him when she finds out about it. Pelonia is another strong character in this story; she's smart, witty and doesn't take her newfound situation permanent. She's certain that she will find a way out of it.

I won't go any dipper into the story since I don't wish to spoil the book for you. But don't think this is some book that preaches Christianity - it doesn't. The story is about love, faith and character. It questions what would one do for his believes and loved ones; how far would he go; and how strong your character is. It is truly inspirational historical book. I recommend reading it.

I really like Ms Capshaw's website, so if you want to find out more about her and her books please visit it (if for no reason than to see how beautiful it is).

And since I love this book so much I will give one commenter the brand new copy of The Gladiator. All you have to do is leave a comment here. For extra entries, just comment on my previous reviews here and here. Every comment you leave gets you an extra entry. The contest is open until Monday evening (09/20/2010), and I will announce the winner on Tuesday. So stay tuned. It will be the winner's responsibility to get in touch with me. Contest is open to all who can receive a book from The Book Depository.

This sums up my vacation read :)


  1. Pretty!!! Wow I have never seen a waterfall :D

    And I'd like to play long, espeically since you say it's not preachy.

  2. Hey Blodeuedd! Thank you :) It was really pretty. The book is about two Christians in love but all other stuff are just universal things about life, honour...